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JiaBo is dedicated to creat a world of fun and cool.

Therefore, our teammates spare no efforts to develop the high-performance and best quality of intelligent cool play lithium travelproducts, their motors, and e bike conversion kit. With superior application performance, continuous availability, followinga high level of environmental requirements, our innovative products are design-new, unique and safe.

Our company's journey:

- 2008 Started from the production of motor accessories

-2013 Began to produce e bike motors and e bike conversion kit

-2014 Began to develop and produce electric scooters, two wheels

self-balancing electric scooter

-2015 Began to develop drift car, walk car

From our company's journey, you can see that we started from the core components of the smart travelproducts, and committed to innovation, can provide a complete set ofintelligent Cool play travel product solutions. We have passed the CE, ROHS,ISO9000 and CCC certification. Your quality is insured.

Now, JiaBo is growing, expanding with high market share.At the same time by listening to partner feedback, we constantly improveproduct quality. On this basis, we look around the world, hoping to provideproducts and services to customers worldwide.

Whether you are a manufacturer of electric bicycle,scooter or intelligent Cool play travel products traders, even manufacturers ofwho have intention to cooperate with intelligent Cool play travel products andmotors, we believe that we will be able to find opportunities for cooperation throughcommunication,

We are ready, just waiting for you to contact us.